Suck A Lemon Challenge

Thursday, October 1, 2020, 5am - Friday, January 15, 2021, 12am


The Tourette Association of America Southern California Chapter (SoCal TAA) has developed and launched a fun and creative challenge to support the Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorder community. Take the Suck a Lemon Challenge, encourage others to join you, and raise funds and awareness that can help make a difference!

Mindy Weiss, SoCal TAA Board Member and Creator of the Challenge said: "Sometimes people with Tourette Syndrome feel that "sucking a lemon" might be easier than dealing with Tourette Syndrome. In an effort to raise awareness and research funds for the Tourette Syndrome community, alongside our TAA Southern California Chapter, I am proposing we all take the challenge today to create a viral sensation in a safe, sour, and amusing way. Let's bring people together to have a good laugh and support a good cause. The TAA Southern California Chapter hopes to reach the general public by normalizing this neurological condition (that causes uncontrollable vocal and motor tics) and bring some fun to a difficult situation."

Money Raised

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How to Participate:

Taking the Suck a Lemon Challenge is free to sign-up, and we hope that all participants will create a fundraiser around their efforts! Once you complete your sign-up form a fundraising page will be emailed that you can customize with your story and a photo. 

Sharing on social media: Please video or photograph yourself sucking a lemon. Once you take the challenge, nominate someone to join you in taking the challenge next.

Please share your customized fundraising page along with your video/photo #SuckaLemon.