Register for the 2022 TAA National Awareness 5k Run/Walk!

Participate virtually or in person at Astoria Park, Queens, NY, on June 12, 2022 for this fun-filled event!

Team Tourette

The Tourette Association of America has developed community-based athletic events across the country, known as Team Tourette. Through this effort individuals in the community can participate in various events and raise funds for the three pillars of the Association's mission consisting of Awareness, Research and Support.

Get a head start on making a difference this Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month (May 15 - June 15) by registering for one of the TAA's many unstoppable events and programs now.

Just as you'll be happy you're hitting the ground running on your advocacy efforts for Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month, you'll absolutely enjoy running for our 5K Run/Walk! Whether your registration is in person or virtual, we are so excited to have you take part! Calculate your miles and connect with people across the world on social media through the hashtag #MilesforTourette.

For more information, contact Brianna Falcone at

Upcoming Events

  • Astoria Park bridge

    Tourette Awareness National 5K Run/Walk 2022

    Join the TAA on June 12 for our National 5K Run/Walk in Astoria Park, Queens, NY, and help us raise $70,000!

  • Walkers Image

    NYC Marathon 2022

    Join the TAA on November 6 for the 2022 TCS NYC Marathon and help us raise $21,000!